About Our Store

About Our Store

Where we come from

We’re a local mother-daughter team, having opened our store together in 1999. Since then, we’ve been proud of our ability to hand-pick and sell various stylish women’s clothing options, from casual sweaters and vests to handbags and shoes specifically chosen to fit our customers’ unique style. We’re located in Victoria, TX, but we get customers coming from as far as Jackson, Calhoun, Goliad, Dewitt, Lavaca, Aransas, and Refugio Counties.

Turning customers into friends

Since our store was founded, we’ve had only a few main goals: We strive to provide a fabulous selection of women’s clothing and accessories to all our customers, but our mission goes deeper than that. We want to enhance our customer relationships, so you’re no longer our customer, but our friend. For all of our years in business, we feel we’ve accomplished this, as evidenced by the number of birthday parties, weddings, and dinner parties we’re invited to by longtime customers who have become long-term friends.
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How do we select our products?

We do careful market research several times a year to identify clothing trends during different seasons, fashionable colors, and popular apparel choices for you, our customer. The result is a carefully curated selection of tops, sweaters, vests, and pants, as well as accessories like handbags and jewelry — and even gifts we know you’ll love. 

Come on in and visit us. We know you’ll enjoy being part of the Foster Creek Station family, and hopefully, one of our lifelong friends. 
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Learn about our selection of women’s clothing. 
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